How we work

Clarity + Execution = Profit

We collaborate intensively with business leaders, investors and their teams as an analytical and value-oriented ally – delivering heightened clarity in thought, and profitability in action.

We work one-to-one with CEOs and their groups of directors or managers, in person: by phone, email, text, video, chat and cloud collaborations.

We work both from an on-demand advisory basis and from a project basis to deliver a wide range of results in complex or delimited issues.

We have contributed effectively in both domestic and foreign locations, and our process of objectivity cuts through the dangers arising from cultural deficiencies in logic and scientific method, and from differences in language idioms.

Unlike conventional consulting firms, we require less transmission of what you already know (making us more cost-effective in time and money), and we’re available on demand.  Unlike training firms, we work with you directly on your current issues, improving your methodology more efficiently — in conjunction with solving your challenges.  Unlike peer groups and coaching programs, we address your issues alone, and our future depends on maintaining your information in absolute confidence, in perpetuity.

Our rapid process provides you with accurate context-setting, fact- and proposition-checking and validating, and the inter-connecting of known and relevant facts with any rational values you seek.  When values or knowledge may be insufficient, unclear or in conflict, we recommend multiple solutions as a means to breakthroughs.

Your result is speedier execution with attenuated risk and unprecedented levels of clarity and confidence – especially amid conditions where time and risk constraints are particularly challenging, and where rapid growth, incomplete or rapidly changing information is hampering your decision-making – as in launches, mergers, acquisitions and inflection points.

Challenge us today with your toughest challenges – and experience the satisfaction of clearer thought and more profitable action!

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